Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back to blogging? Let's hope so

Man oh man how I have missed this blog. I had all these great plans on how this lady year would go and how I would continue blogging while back yo work. It didn't happen. Ha 

So here is me getting back on the blogging horse with my first post of hopefully many more. I am off work again for another year as we have just a added another wonderful baby girl to our family. 

Paige Thea arrived on April 24th and has settled perfectly into our family and already has us all wrapped around her finger. 

This last month has been busy with my husband and I getting used to having two girls to take care of but we would not change it at all. 

As for the crafting there has been a lot going on and over the next couple big posts I hope to get you all caught up and hopefully show you some wonderful photos. 

So here is to getting back on track! Hopefully I can check this new years resuloton off my list. :) it is June already!

- A