Friday, February 11, 2011


Okay so if you are someone who reads this blog on a regular basis then you might have noticed that it is always changing in appearance. I cannot decide on what I want it to look like, well that is I cannot get what I want it to look like to appear on the screen. I want something that is relaxing and peaceful, simple, but something that says adventure. If any one has some suggestions please let me know.

As for my knitting I have been procrastinating huge on my Jan/Feb socks; nothing has changed since the last post. I did however knit my god daughter another hat, this one a soft yellow with a white ribbed trim. Super cute. I have also finished a het for a soon to be baby in my friend circle...

I have also started tossing around the idea of an Etsy shop. I have urchased a book to help me figure it out. It has a lot of good information from people who have had success with their crafting buisnesses...

AND! I have started a project for myself. It is a super cute cowl made form a beautiful sock yarn. I got the pattern off Ravelry (here).  Stay tuned for more pics of this beauty :)

Well that is all for today,

-- A

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