Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilting Bug

So the quilting bug has bit!

After completing my last quilt I could just not get enough so off to my local quilting store I went. I bought some lovely charm packs and a new book, "3 Times the Charm" on how to use these cute little packs of fabric.

I was completely amazed that the patterns in the book just use one charm pack and some extra fabric to create the most charming quilts. For my first stab at the book I am making a quilt called Fiona and I am using the Coquette charm pack from Moda.

Here is an example of what my work station looks like at the moment

The awesome book!

All the pretty fabric!
Oh and I also went on a fabric shopping spree online yesterday so stay tuned to see what fabulous things I ordered!

- A

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