Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring time is coming! Well at least for the clocks

So clocks were put ahead an hour on Sunday and it has totally messed up my internal clock. This week has been hell getting up. All I have to say for this time of yer is that it means we are getting that much closer to spring; five months of winter is way too long!

This week's weather has been pretty great if you don't include today's gray gloom weather. Since it was nasty and gross outside I felt it was time for some spring time yarn and a summer project. Here is the yarn that I purchased at Wool N Things:

Stay tuned to find out what is being made with these fabulous colors!

I have also almost finished my big comfy cowl. All it is missing is three big buttons. I just love how soft and cuddly it is. For my first experience with cables it was an awesome pattern.

Keeping my fingers crossed for more sunshine!

-- A

p.s. Did you feel the earthquake today?

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