Sunday, December 11, 2011

First time blocking

So I decided to give blocking a try for Abbie's sweater. All I have to say is this is a must. I could not get over how dirty the water was after! and the fabric is so much softer now that I have 'Soaked' it.

I encountered some problems while knitting the hood. With Jane’s advice I decided to pick up the 27 stitches around the neck cast on then for the first row of seed stitch I increased my stitches so that I would have the required 44 stitches. To do this I worked seed stitch for 5 stitches then increased one in each stitch for 17 stitches and then cont in seed stitch for the last 5 stitches to equal a total of 44 stitches. I then worked the rest of the hood as described in the pattern.

Completed the button bands as instructed in the pattern. I found the button holes not well formed so after the button band was complete I went around each hole and reinforced with the yarn. (not sure if this can be seen in the photo below)

Ends are all weaved in and the sweater is now soaking to be blocked and will have the buttons sewed on tomorrow :)

- A

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