Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fill in the blanks with Luvinthemommyhood

This is a little game being played over at Luvinthemommyhood. If you would like to play along all you have to do is copy & paste the following questions into your own blog post and change the words i have " " and bolded to your own answer.  When you have finished your post, link up your blog post at Luvinthemommyhood's blog in the comments section and that way we can all learn about each other :)

Here are my answers:

* i'm longing to make "beef stew" right now.

* i want to try "knitting" with some "brooklyn tweed" yarn.

* i wish i could sew with "moda" fabric.

* i dream of making "a comfy afgan for my couch".

* i keep track of my ideas by "writing them in notebooks".

* i'm inspired by "nature and pinterest".

* i would love to meet "Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood and Rebecca from Nook" in person.

* my favorite fiber is "wool".

* i like to sew with "cotton".

* my favorite color is "anything fall colored".

* i rock at "making baby hats".

* i would like to learn how to make "clothing for my daughter".

* i like to listen to "music" while i "sew".

* i bring my "knitting" everywhere.

* my favorite thing to "knit" is "baby clothes".

* my favorite thing to "cook" is "spaghetti sauce".

* my crafting space is "never organized". Much to the dislike of my hubby :)

* if i had my own crafting room it would be "tidy and organized with a bulletin board wall to pin up all my ideas".

* i sew with "a singer".

* i like to "research" "new patterns".

* i can never get enough "knitting books/mags".

* i adore "knitting".

* i also enjoy "sewing" and "painting".

* i like to fill my shelves with "fabric, yarn and books".

* i create the best when i'm "at home in my pj's".

* i am currently excited for "brooklyn tweeds new fall collection".

* right now i am "working on a sweater for myself".

* i love to watch "jane austen movies" while creating.

* my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "yarn shopping".

* my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "country music".

I hope you enjoyed the game

Happy creating

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  1. Awww, thanks for joining in! I'd love to meet you in person too!