Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Socks or no socks?

It is officially December and I could not be happier. The holiday season is finally here!

So on Monday I returned home from my yarn shop and decided to roll my new yarn into a nice new ball.

Of course I do not have a machine for this as of yet but I normally do not encounter problems. All I have to say is HUGE MESS! It took me probably 3 hours to untangle my beautiful new yarn but it is done as of last night while I watched New York city light the Rockefeller Tree. So Beautiful!

As for working with dpns for the first time it did not go as smoothly as I thought. I did all my research: read a how to book, watched a you tube video, and read some patterns. I did three rows before realizing that I was not working in a circle! I did not know how to join my needles together. I have now figured this out and I am ready to start my first sock. I will be using this nice little pattern I found online. I will keep you posted on the progress!

-- A

p.s. I will be getting my Christmas tree tonight, will post pictures when it is decorated :)

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