Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A few missing days!

Okay so I have not abandoned this blog so early in it's life. This holiday season is so busy! Here is a recap of the goings on.

So after much struggle and many pokes in the eye my sock is finally started. There has to be some trick to working with dpns that I have not yet figured out because every time I pickup this sock I am forever poking myself in the eye with the not in use needles. So needless to say the progress of theses socks is rather slow.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated finally after much disaster regarding the tree stand. All I have to say is Finding out that there is a hole in your tree stand after you have already watered the tree is not fun. Mini lake in my living room, thank god I do not have carpet and it was easily cleaned up

As of lately I have throwing myself into knitting cute little baby things for a friends soon to born little girl. The first thing that I knit for her was some cute little booties in pink but I have now decided that they need to be white to match this hat that I made her.

I have also started a wrap sweater in this lovely blue color from Debbie Bliss, the cashmerino aran is so soft and cuddly.

I will definitely post pictures of the finished product as I am sure that is going to be absolutely adorable.

So I believe that that is all that I have been up to as of late other then tacking a very bust walmart on the weekend where I had to stand in line for a cart!

-- A

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