Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Knit Hat

I found a great pattern for a quick knit hat on the Yarn Harlot's blog. However after the first one was knitted I found it just a little too short as it did not cover my ears and it was a little too tight for my head so I adjusted the pattern a little. I tried to keep track of my adjustments and here is the new pattern:

- 3 strands of worseted weight held together or two strands of chunky
- 12 mm straight needles

- 7 stitches to 10 cm

- Cast on 40 stitches
- Knit 5 rows
- RS - Knit one row increasing two stitches equally spaced (42 sts)
- WS - K1, purl to last stitch, K1
- RS - Knit
- Repeat last two rows until 14 rows have been worked ending with a RS

Begin Decreases:
- K3, *K2tog, K2, repeat from * until end
- K1, P2, *P2tog, P1, repeat from * until end
- Knit across
- K1, purl across, K1
- K1, *K2tog, K1, repeat to end
- K1, *P2tog, P1, Repeat to end
- P2tog across until 4 stitches remain

Cut yarn leaving enought to thread through remaining stitches and sew up the seam. Make sure to line up the garter stitch rows.

I made mine using two strands of Bernat Alpaca, one green and one purple.

It was not off the needles for 10 seconds and my mother claimed it as her own!

-- A

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